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Cumulative Graduate Secret place Investments

Hours praying

in the Spirit 

Hours in private worship

Books of the

Bible absorbed

24 hour

days fasting

Hours speaking

faith affirmations 

Hours serving others selflessly 







as of October 2022


    We believe the best experience for your spiritual growth and education is in person, but that is not always a possibility for all of us! For the first three years Mercy Hill kept the school for locals only and we did our best to equip and teach those abroad who were interested. In our third year we had instruction from the Spirit to launch an online curriculum for other groups, churches and individuals.  Our mandate is to assist the body of Christ that He sends to us from any place, tongue or country. Thus, the online courses are here because we want YOU to gain all YOU can! We want to propel you and launch you so you can do more for Him than you have ever imagined! 

    The physical school is a requirement if you live within 50 miles of the school's address because the one one one is vital! However, we also offer the online school for those not geographically near us. Unique circumstances can render special permission for someone to attend online school if you live within the 50 mile radius. These must be pre-authorized by Dean of Students (Pastor JP Price).


    To enroll in the upcoming school year (for both online and in person) please visit our "​ADMISSIONS & ENROLLMENT" page on this site. Please see more information below regarding the orientation(s): 


     New ONLINE Class Orientation, introduction and Q & A! Come discover the start of your newest chapter in life that will unravel your purpose, anointing and spiritual guidance to hear, "Well done!"

       If you, as a Christian, desire to grow deeper in the Lord and see the power of the believer available and manifest (in your family and daily

life), this school is for you!  Or if you feel a call to the five-fold ministry then this school is also for you! We are willing to work with you outside of your denominations limits. What we offer is discipleship as Christ commands so you can be empowered as Christ wants whether you are in ministry or not!     To enroll in the upcoming school year (for both online and in person) please visit our "​ADMISSIONS & ENROLLMENT" page on this site. 
online class orientation:


Image by Charles DeLoye

    Join us as we celebrate another graduation for Mercy Hill's Discipleship Classes! This year we celebrate our newest Year 1 graduates and our Year 2 graduates! These students have given themselves over to a lifestyle of reading the Word of God daily, fasting weekly, worshiping in their prayer closet and speaking the Word of God over themselves. They have enacted disciplines in spiritual tools that have caused drastic change in themselves! We want to celebrate those who have stuck with a program that challenges the mind, body, and dethrones the soul!

     Those in attendance will enjoy a Italian style meal, dessert and a short ceremony celebrating the hard work our students have invested in themselves! Please secure your ticket as early as possible because each students table is limited in seating; however, general seating is available when the student's tables are filled!

• All attendees will be expected to dress no less than business casual or formal for this event.

• Guests are asked to donate $ per person to cover the cost of the meal
• Children, if necessary to attend, the cost is determined by ages:
•• 4 and under eat free
•• 5 and up are full price
• Photos of the event and photo opportunities during the event are available for free to all who attend.
Banquet Guidelines:
     This is a ticketed admission event only. All tickets must be secured in advance (before August 1, 2021). Please print the ticket and bring it with you to the event.

Please visit the following site: (Tickets will be available after July 1. 2021)
Image by Jamie Coupaud
Italian Buffet Menu: 
Fancy Food Dishes
- Fresh garden salad
- Pastas - penne & cheese tortellini
- Sauces - alfredo & tomato cream sauce
- Chicken Parmesan
- Meatballs with sauce
- Garlic bread-sticks
- Dessert: New York cheesecake with strawberries
School of Discipleship 2021
Graduation & Ordination Banquet


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