From the Dean:

  "My purpose in life is to raise up as many people to the fullness of what Christ paid for them to have. It's that simple yet that complex simultaneously. If it came easy the world would be a different place and the church wouldn't be so powerless in the supernatural. If it came by fellowship at church, the cities with mega churches who have droves of attendance, wouldn’t have Christians dying of cancer. If the answer was bible college, then why do over 200 ministers leave the church world each MONTH!? Statistically the vast majority of graduates from a bible college with ministry focus, leave the ministry in their first 10 years – few to return. (Source)

     In August of 2017 I stepped in to pastor a church i helped co-found in the summer of 2016, in Blairsville, Pennsylvania. One of the first Spirit led directives was to start a discipleship program to

train anyone who was willing to become a disciple as Christ intended. To adequately prepare a person, we must emulate what Christ did in His 3 years of training His disciples:

  • To walk in the supernatural daily (i.e.: healing, deliverance, wisdom)!

  • To prepare for the spiritual warfare and know how to win!

  • To learn the lifestyle required to maintain a strong spiritual position with continual growth!

     Learning these three main points cannot be done in a a few weeks, nor is it accomplished by a once a month meeting. You cannot apply and walk in these points simply by learned academia or solely on theological study. Being effective to overcome the stagnant Christian walk is only wrought by teaching biblical lifestyle habits – and applying them. It is accomplished by learning the keys to spiritual development and allowing room to learn to flow in His presence in the moment – which requires hands on small group settings. That is what this school will always focus on and that is why we train warriors, not just public speakers full of theology...

     We offer a two year program on a year by year schedule. The physical program requires attendance only 1 day a week but out of the class you work the other six days of the week on your own schedule. For those online students, we offer the courses to work on your schedule. I can guarantee if you invest the two years in to the program you will change your life and the life of those around you eternally. And if you feel called to any form of ministry, we will help place you, help you found your own ministry/church, support you in this as much as possible, ordain you to ministry (certain guidelines must be met) if the Spirit leads, and provide a ministerial covering if necessary. Let us journey with you, and let's press into the deeper things with Christ!" 


Dr. J.P. Price
Founder & ​Dean of Students

Our instructors:

"I grew up in church, my family was in ministry. There were many things left unanswered and I always had a nagging inside that there was more. After many years  I came to the place where I said, “I know you God, but don’t feel like I know you like I should….” And shortly thereafter I plugged in to this church, this program, this class – and there is no looking back! I can tell you from personal experience it has changed my life forever!"...

Student reviews:

Take a moment and read and hear what some of the graduates have to say occurred during their time at the Mercy Hill School of Discipleship! These individuals come from various backgrounds, some were once addicts, some are from broken homes, some are from well-adjusted homes and some are successful business people. But the course works the same for every man and women alive because spiritual law is spiritual law if applied by any...

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