​     We believe the best experience for your spiritual growth and education is in person because discipleship requires a personal touch. But also know that is not always a possibility for all of us given how busy life is! For the first three years of the school we kept the school as a physical in person only training center. Nevertheless, in 2019 we had instruction from the Spirit to launch the program online curriculum for other groups, churches and individuals not in our geographic location. Since the fall of 2019 we  have uploaded and modified our curriculum for the online learning environment.   We take very seriously our directive to:

  • assist the body of Christ (that He sends to us) from any place, tongue or country grow deeper in Him

  • provide a quality environment online and in person for people to grow their walk with the Lord

  • create an atmosphere of fullness, in the Spirit, for those willing to pick up their cross and follow Him 

We are here because we want YOU to gain all YOU can! We want to propel you and launch you so you can do more for Him than you have ever imagined! The majority of the class curriculum is self accountability - designed for those who are motivated to hold themselves accountable.  


  • Accountable group learning: 
    We offer a variety of campus locations in the western Pennsylvania area (see the LOCATIONS page for more information) and start classes multiple times throughout the year to accommodate various start dates. These groups meet once a month [staying within your particular class] in the designated locations for each class group.  Outside of the once a month required meetings there is a bimonthly 'Outpouring Summit' that is available for 2nd Year Graduate Alumni and current students. At this meeting we share a meal, fellowship and often have guest ministers to impart wisdom [these are not required but highly encouraged]. 


  • Flex-Learn program:
    Because many people work swing shifts, have responsibilities that require much of their time and attention, we also offer an online Flex-Learn program. This allows the student to work at their own pace and gives them a more 'fluid' schedule to accommodate daily life. The Flex-Learn program does not have a monthly meeting requirement but these students are still invited to our monthly student body meeting. Outside of the once a month required meetings there is a bimonthly School Summit meeting that is available for 2nd Year Graduate A
    lumni and current student. At this meeting we share a meal, fellowship and often have guest ministers to impart wisdom [these are not required but highly encouraged].

    • For those outside of the United States of America we also offer an accountability point of contact in Europe and others locations around the world who understand the program and can assist (you'll need to contact the School of Discipleship Staff for more information).

  • Group study materials:
    If your church, small group or local network of like-minded believers are interested in these courses you can work through them together one day a week in person. This allows for accountability and bonding in a much deeper way doing discipleship with those whom you already know, love and see most often. We analyze each of these on a case by case basis and will work to modify the program to fit your needs! For more information please fill out the contact information below and we will be in touch! 


     In order to receive more information or enroll you will need to fill out the form below and a member of the staff will be in touch with you within 10 business days (enrollment is not binding you to anything). Please review the information below and if you are ready to step into the deeper waters with Him; enroll today! 



God bless you as you take a challenge, embrace a commitment and enact spiritual laws that will transform you eternally! We want to grow with you and we all pursue the Lord!

For more information reference the LOCATIONS page for start times and various campus locations!

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