Chancellor & Dean of Students:

Dr. J.P. Price is the founder of the school and ministry. He has been the overseer for all classes as well as the Dean of Students since August 2017!

"I want to propel you into the spiritual as fast as you will allow the Holy Spirit to take you there! I want to take all I've learned in my Christian walk and plant it into you while you are at this school in hopes you will outgrow, outgo, and produce more fruit than I! This is a family by His blood, and I will hold nothing back that could launch you farther into His purpose for your life! Let's work together and launch you into the deep things of Christ!"

Academic Advisor:

Connie Marr is a career educator with 34 years of experience teaching a wide range of subjects to various levels of students in the public school setting.  Since retirement, she has found many areas to continue to use her talents.  

“Beginning a new educational endeavor can bring with it academic challenges to meet the requirements of the program.  For anyone concerned about the academic rigor or having struggles achieving their goals, I am here to work with you to help you achieve the success that you and the Holy Spirit desire.”

Superintendent & Lead Instructor:

Pastor Brianna Lehman is a graduate of the School of Discipleship, she is ordained through Mercy Hill Ministries, Inc. and is one of the pastors at the Blairsville, PA church. At this school, she works with first-year students and second-year students as they adjust to the curriculum. 

 "My time in the discipleship class allowed me to drench a dried-up spirit in living water. I want to assist others in stepping out of powerless Christianity and walk into a lifestyle that will cause a ripple effect of truth into every aspect of their lives."

Student Liaison & Guidance Counselor:

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Our Philosophy:
Prayer Group

The term disciple does not only refer to the early followers of Christ. The command to disciple people and be a disciple ourselves is our biggest mandates from Christ! In order to make disciples, we must become one first! We know the early church disciples were a constantly growing type of people. The early disciples were praying daily, habitually spending time intimately worshiping God, growing in love towards one another, and a generous type of people....

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