Students make their payments through our online student platform as they are processed through our online school provider. this section of the site is specifically for those making donations or supporting another student:

     We desire to always have free options from any tuition cost for those who cannot afford the school. While the school is extremely inexpensive compared to any other school of it's type, we still want those unable to afford the school to attend. We can only do that through the generosity of others!  Nevertheless, operating a school does come with a cost; books, materials, utilities, etc. We choose to operate on the generosity of those who donate to provide for the students. If you would like to sponsor a student and/or assist with the costs of training future ministers you can do so in a few ways: 

  • On average each student costs $660 per year in book, materials and the online platform costs.

  • That is about $165.00 per quarter (12 weeks)

  • Or $55.00 per month

     You can set this up for a monthly withdraw or contribute any amount you'd like to be a support to the students and school! I thank you in advance for your support in changing our generation and those to come. Thank you in advance for your donation - it's a giver's heart like yours that finances us to do the work of the Lord in this ministry!

For your security and to help prevent identity theft we accept online contributions through PayPal.com. We have set this up to ensure your contribution is safe, secure, and user-friendly. If you click any of the donation buttons you will be taken to our PayPal account where you can get actively involved with what the Lord is doing! If you do not have a PayPal account you can still complete the online donation on their site. When you click one of the donate buttons you will be redirected to PayPal's site. Then you will need to complete the form to submit your donation. No PayPal account is required and your privacy is still protected!​ We also understand that some would prefer to give their donation through the mail via check. To do so we ask that you mail any correspondence to:


SCHOOL OF DISCIPLESHIP, PO BOX 83, Blairsville, PA 15717

Our instructors:

"I grew up in church, my family was in ministry. There were many things left unanswered and I always had a nagging inside that there was more. After many years  I came to the place where I said, “I know you God, but don’t feel like I know you like I should….” And shortly thereafter I plugged in to this church, this program, this class – and there is no looking back! I can tell you from personal experience it has changed my life forever!"...

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USA: Pennsylvania Area


  • Mercy Hill, 1680 Strangford Road, Blairsville, PA 15717

  • Enroll now! Classes start quarterly 



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