This school is not easy when it comes to the commitment. What makes this a very biblical school is that your intellectual level is not a determining factor, what makes or breaks you is your commitment level. The lifestyle principles are ones that have to be done with personal accountability. A teenager can perform in this class and so can a college professor. Your IQ, SQ and EQ can be an assistance/obstacle on this path but your commitment to daily working the process of discipleship is where victory is found!  Little by little watering the Seed with spiritual disciplines makes the growth. Nothing is overnight but more can occur in your first year than you ever could have imagined when you look back, and that is why we have a graduation ceremony each year! Yes, we meet once a week, but the school must be done outside the class and there is no one there to motivate you but you! 

     Below is a few things our students have had to say. People have started this class but few have seen it to the end due to various reasons, but to hear how those who are finishing their first, second, or even third year, and how it has impacted them will help you understand how this school will drastically change your life! These individuals come from various backgrounds, some were once addicts, some are from broken homes, some are from well adjusted homes and some are successful business people. But the course works the same for every man and women alive because spiritual law is spiritual law if applied by any type of person! No matter where you start, we all must start at some point and endure!


Take a moment and read, visit with the graduates at the church or graduation banquet and learn more of what they have to say:  

Amanda Kelly, 2017 First Year Graduate


      "How has the School of Discipleship affected me? That is a question that could quite possibly take me HOURS to answer!  I was a person with a lifetime of negative patterns of thinking and behaviors. As a childhood victim of physical, sexual and emotional abuse I had; without even knowing it, adopted a victim mentality. I walked and lived in the brokenness that I was raised in. This mentality shaped all of my realities. As I grew older I perpetuated the same patterns over and over. These patterns began to manifest in emotional immaturity, broken relationships, mental health diagnosis and eventually drug addiction.


      When I came to Christ I was set free from all of this by His blood, but due to 4+ decades of having a distorted perception of reality and a mindset based on the lies of this world, I struggled to walk in freedom. As I began to apply the teachings presented to me in the discipleship class, change began to occur in my life. The first and most powerful thing that I learned was HOW to begin to overcome my emotions and to take control of them rather than to continue to be led around by them. I began to learn to become disciplined and responsible for my own choices and behaviors rather than to point my fingers elsewhere and avoid accountability for my actions. By the power of the righteousness of Christ inside of me, I began to choose to live as the new creature I was.


     As I continued on, I then received a miraculous level of breakthrough I had never dreamt was possible. I allowed the Holy Spirit to lead me through each and every area of my life and do the work that He wanted to do. One day in the intimate time of private worship with Him God completely delivered me from one of the biggest lies that I never knew I believed.  As I sobbed in His presence He began to show me how much He loved me. Me, He loved ME! He valued ME. He saw me as worthy of His love. He destroyed the lie that I wasn't good enough. He ripped down the vain imaginations that I had allowed to be built so high in my mind that my acceptance was performance- based.  2 Corinthians 10:3-5 became so real to me! I was instantly delivered once and for all from depression and the desire to end my life. I was free!!


     Next, came deliverance from guilt and shame; from anger, rebellion and roots of bitterness that had held me bound for over 40 years.  Through a daily relationship with Jesus Christ I have been forever changed and transformed.  Attending the School of Discipleship has not only given me a box full of tools to repair a life bitterly broken by this world, but the knowledge of and experience of how to put them in my hands and USE them!  I will never be the same, glory to God!!  This school has done for me what 30 years of therapy couldn't do; what 12- step meetings couldn't do and what just warming a pew in a church couldn't do.  I am truly grateful to be a student in this life- changing curriculum and I HIGHLY recommend attending if you are ready to life the way it was meant to be lived; fully in Christ and abundantly!!"

Julie Kester, 2018 First Year Graduate


    "Reflecting over the last year of my life, in the discipleship class I first look back, at where I was. I was very ignorant to all things concerning the word of God. I was ignorant even in, who My Lord is. I think the biggest piece of knowledge I gained for my life personally, is how much I was living in bondage. My savior died to free us form a life of imprisonments so we could freely love Him and each other. We don’t have to live in the walls of our mistakes. Also, The Who is my Lord Jesus, He is the one that broke down those walls, gave me that freedom, this we know, but I didn’t know or understand the restoration He brings with our freedom. The love He fills you up with, the peace that comes to center you,it is indescribable all He has in store for us.

      Let me not forget one of the most important pieces of knowledge. The power of my Jesus is a real, and a tangible thing, just as He promises in His word. He left behind the Holy Spirit and all that He is capable of for our kingdom here on earth, right now. We don’t have to wait to be healed from our infirmaries, we don’t have to wait for freedom from the law, we don’t have to wait for all the authority to tell the devil to flee. It is ours right now in the name of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus!

Do I recommend the discipleship program at Mercy Hill Ministries? Well, this program is not for the faint of heart. It is for the truly dedicated wanting above anything else to have a one on one relationship with Jesus our King. Seeking the kingdom first before anyone and everything else.

     The costs will need to be counted and measured of what needs changed in your current life. And please take it from me you are a sinner and have somethings that will need to be turned upside down, purged and swept out. No one can draw near to our sovereign Lord and not have to purge something from there life. It is a process, over time that equals trust in our Lord who love us more than anyone. If you want this to be loved and a real relationship with Jesus, then yes this program is worth it! All of it!"

Scott Kephart , 2018 First Year Graduate

    "I grew up in a family that believed in Jesus but we didn't live for Him. By the time I reached adulthood I had a lot of anger problems and trust issues. I was judgmental of people all the time. I was addicted to pornography.  And on top of all that my marriage was falling apart and my wife was considering leaving me. My life was a mess in many ways!


     In the midst of this turmoil I woke up because I heard this voice telling me to go to church! Next day I told my wife what happened and we agreed we should go.  We started going to church together and both of us were still living life as usual. But in 2017 I receive Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior at church one day. I started walking the path of a Christian the best I knew, it was hard but I kept walking it because my heart said it was right. The more I worked on myself to live biblically I found my marriage and my lifestyle were improving.


     Shortly after I was approached to join the Discipleship class by Pastor JP. I wanted more out of my walk with the Lord so I joined. The beginning of my journey in Discipleship Class I didn't know how deep the Word of God is!  Once I started reading the Word and walking the path God has laid out for me more improvements came so much quicker and easier!  Habits started to falling away, swearing, watching pornography and the anger I had carried was falling off! Praise God! My marriage was coming together strongly. My wife also rededicated her life to the Lord and I started to see my children walking towards Christ!  During the first year my family and friends saw a big change in me that they haven't seen before. It's because I've been living for Jesus!


     This Discipleship class has taught me so many things I've never was taught about our walk. This has changed the way I am as a person and see things as a believer. Even the perspectives of judging, disliking, and getting angry at those that upset me has changed to my reaction is to pray for them! My entire response mechanism has shifted because I am transforming as the Word tells us to! Discipleship class has changed my life and my family’s life! I would encourage those who want to seek Jesus on a biblical level and receive a life-changing relationship with the Lord to join this class! It changed my life; I know it will change yours!"

Samuel Kester , 2017 First Year Graduate

     "Something that has become very real to me is the section of scripture that says, “I tell you I do not know you, where you are from. Depart from Me, all you workers of iniquity. (Luke 13:27).”  We are called to be disciples of Jesus Christ. Mercy Hill works to make you a disciple of Jesus, not of their program, not of their doctrine and not of a curriculum.  To be a disciple we are called to learn and to do the things that He did!


     I grew up in church, my family was in ministry. There were many things left unanswered and I always had a nagging inside that there was more. Things didn’t really change in my life until I realized that accepting Him was only the start. He calls for us to do more than just attend church, do good things and participate in church functions. He calls for a relationship with us! More than just a Sunday and midweek relationship! After many years of wondering, always loving God, but not really knowing Him I came to the place where I said, “I know you God, but don’t feel like I know you like I should….” And shortly thereafter I plugged in to this church, this program, this class – and there is no looking back!


     I encourage anyone who seriously wants to know Him more to follow this program! It will change your life. I can tell you from personal experience it has changed mine forever!"

Our instructors:

"I grew up in church, my family was in ministry. There were many things left unanswered and I always had a nagging inside that there was more. After many years  I came to the place where I said, “I know you God, but don’t feel like I know you like I should….” And shortly thereafter I plugged in to this church, this program, this class – and there is no looking back! I can tell you from personal experience it has changed my life forever!"...

Our Philosophy:

Many think that the term disciple refers only to the early followers of Christ, but our mandate from Christ was to continue to make disciples! We know the early church disciples were a constantly growing type of people. The early disciples were praying daily, habitually spending time intimately worshiping God, growing in love towards one another, and a generous type of people....

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