If you, as a Christian, desire to grow deeper in the Lord and see the power of the believer available and manifest (in your family and daily life), this school is for you!  Or if you feel a call to the five-fold ministry then this school is also for you! We are willing to work with you outside of your denomination's limits. What we offer is discipleship as Christ commands so you can be empowered as Christ wants whether you are in ministry or not!

Pencil and notepad
About the School of Discipleship:

"We never grow closer to God when we just live life. It takes
deliberate pursuit & attentiveness."    
(Francis Chan)

      The church is commanded to make one thing: disciples! But the church has settled in to just making converts, as that is a one time action of salvation. If making disciples came with one prayer only the world would be a different place and the church wouldn't be so powerless in the supernatural. If it came by regular church attendance, the cities with mega churches which have droves of attendance, would not have Christians dying of cancer. If the answer was bible college, then why do over 200 ministers leave the church world each MONTH!?....


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